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  • eWeekly Update, September 24
    Click to read the new eWeekly Update and see what’s coming up at Peoples Church!
  • From the President, September 2020
    Nurturing the Flame Policy Governance and Brushing Out After a Derecho are About the Same Marion Patterson, Board President What? Has “Mme Prez” finally succumbed to heat exhaustion ...
  • Wise Words, September 2020
    Natalie Sleeth was an American composer who died in 1991. In 1985 she composed what I think is an incredibly beautiful hymn. It debuted just ...
  • Minister’s Moment, September 2020
    Dear Ones, September has always felt like a true beginning to me. As the weather cools and the apples ripen, we head into a new season, ...
  • September 2020 Voice Newsletter
    Click to download the September 2020 edition of the Voice Newsletter (pdf) from Peoples Church! Find out what’s coming up at Peoples and stay connected ...
  • Minister’s Moment, August 2020
    Six months into this global pandemic and reality has started to sink in. We are in this for the long haul. What we thought might ...
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