Board Meeting Summary, October 2017

Board Meeting Summary, October 2017

Summary of the Board of Trustees meeting on October 22, 2017

–We discussed our common read, Leading Change in the Congregation, and shared the points of Chapter 1 that resonated most for each of us. We will read Chapter 2 for our next meeting.

–Treasurer Gary McGraw reported a small deficit in September but still an overall positive balance for the year. Also, the new endowment funds through the Greater Cedar Rapids Foundation have been established. Information about the funds will be shared at the upcoming congregational meeting.

–We decided the budget priorities for 2018 so the Finance Council can put together a draft budget. Increases will primarily focus on staff raises, Developmental Ministry, and our denominational contributions to the Unitarian Universalist Association and MidAmerica Region. Board members will receive the draft prior to our November meeting to allow time for questions and suggestions. The budget proposal and other documents for the December congregational meeting must be postal mailed by November 18.

–As a follow up on the church’s recent energy assessment, we will have electrical contractors give bids on work to finish the building’s conversion to all LED lighting. It is our hope that we will then qualify for an Alliant Energy program that will pay 75% of the replacement costs for this upgrade.

–Rev. Rebecca reminded everyone about the upcoming Mission Renewal leadership event on October 26 @ 7:30 PM. Members of congregational leadership will look at the information gathered so far and help with the next steps.