Stained Glass (Window) Team Update, June 2017

Stained Glass (Window) Team Update, June 2017

The members of the recently formed Stained Glass Team met for the first time to determine the future of the stained glass windows kept from our historic downtown church. These windows were removed from the previous church building when our congregation moved to our current location and the previous church was razed. The team indicated with some certainty the scope of work to be accomplished would be:

  • any installation of stained glass windows in our sanctuary would be mounted within a box with back-lighting. Consequently there would be no exposure of the windows to the outside environment.
  • a goal would be to install the 60 inch round window on the rear wall of our sanctuary. This was the window that was above the organ pipes in the Third Ave church
  • install the large 216 x 92 inch window on the front wall of our sanctuary. This was the window in the back of our sanctuary in the Third Ave church.
  • several of the twelve roughly six foot windows from the prior church would be installed on the side walls of our sanctuary.

Mark Minger, who has worked with stained glass windows for over 30 years and was part of the team that installed stained glass windows from the flooded Salem United Methodist church into their new church building, examined parts of several windows. It appears that any window we plan to install needs cleaning and inspection for cracks, plus the wood frames and caulking/putty need to be examined and updated as necessary, possibly with the leading being redone.

Work is slated to start on one of the twelve six foot windows that would eventually be installed on the side walls. Mr. Minger agreed to oversee our work starting out once we have a work environment and people ready to help.

For the two main windows, the Stain Glass Window Team will contact at least two companies that are experts in stained glass restoration and obtain a quote for the work.

After windows are restored, Peoples will still need to have a team for box development to hold the windows and provide proper back lighting.